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Holger’s AS is a modern knowledge center run by skilled people with wide experience in developing modern, economical and environmental oriented solutions for a safe and healthy work environment within industry.

We create unique, customized solutions based on on-site conditions, and arrange for optimal work flow especially
for your own company. Our know-how comes from more than 35 years of experience and development.


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Energysaving Air Cleaning System from Holger's

The air cleaning system from Holger’s got attention in Norwegian media because of the successful result in Radøygruppens facilities. The aircleaning system removes 99,9 % of the dust in smoke from work processes involving heat, like welding. At the same time it brings heat from up under the ceiling down to floor level. This gives a considerable energy saving.

- The staff here is definitely very pleased, says Atle Hamre, the safety representative of the company. Not only has it become cleaner but also warmer in the hall. There is no doubt the Air Cleaning system works well. When the sun shines the air is both clear and clean, and that's a big difference from before. Earlier a thin layer of dust was everywhere in the facility and this problem is also eliminated. When we empty the filter buckets
we see how effective the system really is.


Dust container Effex air cleaning system
Effex air cleaning system Radoygruppen