Line Light Dimmer

Line Light Dimmer

226 226 226 226 226
Ink. MVA1 248,-

Adjust the light intensity stepless from 1-100% with LINE LIGHT DIMMER

The new LINE LIGHT DIMMER makes it possible to dim the light on fixed lift installations and can be used with our range of LINE LIGHT for automotive lifts and LINE LIGHT lighting units for universal application.

The dimmer will be delivered with LINE LIGHT 2-POST and the LINE LIGHT 4. Moreover, the dimmer can be bought separately and retrofitted on all existing LINE LIGHT installations.  

Bottom line: With the new dimmer functionality the light can be set and adjusted precisely to the individual mechanics’ working conditions.

The simple swivel makes it easy to “turn off” the light on an everyday basis, without using time to disconnect the switch and cut off power.


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